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Prospekt WIAMAT 03
Download Prospekt WIAMAT 03

A closed compact cleaning system for extrusion dies

The innovative concept of the WIAMAT is a fully automatic closed compact system offers far-reaching improvements with special regard to:

  • Efficiency optimisation
  • Safety at work
  • Pollution control
  • Clear technical arrangement
  • Operator convenience

With customised all-in solutions, especially concerning the increasingly important aspects of operational safety and environmental protection, we make sure, that the capital investments of our customers reach a maximum of efficiency.

The user-orientated and clearly arranged handling of the WIAMAT 03 guarantees a high degree of acceptance by the personnel.

Our after-sales service assures a trouble-free operation, providing maintenance and optimisation of your facility at any time.

Significant advantages and extendable

In contrary to conventional cleaning systems the WIAMAT 03-conception signifies an extendable modular system, offering considerable advantages in many substantial respects:

  • Doubling of the operational safety by use of closed supply tanks and process chamber as well as through the fully closed compact design of the entire unit.
  • Improved securing of a thorough aeration of the process chamber, being indispensable because of the oxyhydrogen gas originating from the etching process. An exhaust system conveys the vapours – being reduced to a minimum – via a gas washer above the roof.
  • Redundancy of a complete dissolution of the aluminium remainder by using an ultrasonic cleaning technology, inducing a significant reduction of the etching time.
  • Recovery of the considerable aluminium remainder without any expensive chemical recycling process.
  • Unproblematic overview and operation without long distances, which means time saving, downsizing of the maintenance efforts and a reduction of the space needed.
  • The WIAMAT 03-system requires only few solid operating elements. The handling will basically be self-explanatory – a simple safety-related introduction to a forklift operator will be sufficient.
  • Delivery of a certified function unit ready for use. Short time-consuming commissioning.