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Highly customised cranes

Highly customised cranes, conveying components and complex conveying systems. The CBC-SYSTEM developed by WIA is a costsaving combination of standardised quality components. As a highly flexible concept for an economic state-of-the-art manufacturing of tailor-made solutions it is basing on the principles of a construction kit.

  • An efficient combination of standardised high quality modules (e.g. DEMAG, ZASCHE etc.) makes it possible to achieve significant cost-savings.
  • Featuring a wide range of integrated standards with proven technology the basic products applied are highly qualified to meet tomorrows needs.
  • Orientated towards a maximum of modularity and standardisation, all components can be exchanged quickly and by piece – an important economic aspect in view of subsequent modernisation and refurbishment.

The CBC-SYTEM served the best of positioning and control

Using the best of positioning and control systems as well as top-class material flow and information systems, which ensure that key production, assembly and storage areas are served with the correct quantities of material in time, our facilities are reaching a maximum of efficiency and operating reliability.

The wide spectrum of alternatives is ranging from simple workshop cranes over standard cranes in many designs – also extendable to highly tailored solutions for particular applications – up to fully automatic process cranes, which automate and interlink production processes autonomously or in installations and systems.

The CBC-SYTEM Factors of success

  • optimal cost-benefit ratio
  • high flexibility by using standardized components
  • high quality products
  • maximum operating reliability
  • optimised working environment
  • reduced maintenance requirement with low wear
  • intensive monitoring and proven maintenance concepts
  • cutting of delivery times